Cardiac Catheterisation/Coronary Angiography

Cardiac Catheterisation/Coronary Angiography


An angiogram or cardiac catheter is a test involving the cardiologist placing tubes in the patient’s heart and coronary arteries.

This test is performed in a cardiac laboratory in hospital by one of our specialist interventional cardiologists. You will require admission to the hospital for a day or sometimes overnight.

During the procedure you are given a sedative for relaxation. A local anaesthetic is given, usually in the groin or the arm, and a small tube is inserted into an artery and guided up to the heart and coronary arteries on the outside of the heart. Dye is injected into this tube and X-Rays are taken to see if there are any blockages in any of these arteries. Sometimes a blockage in a coronary artery can be opened with a balloon or a metal stent, either at the time of the initial procedure or a later date.


  • Our reception staff will organise all the bookings for you
  • You may need to visit the hospital after your appointment with the cardiologist and prior to your admission
  • You will need to fast for 6 hours prior to the procedure
  • Bring all your medications to hospital; the doctor will give you advice about your blood thinners if you are taking any. If you are diabetic you must ask your doctor what Insulin or tablets you should take.
  • If you have any allergies please inform the doctor and nurses
  • Do NOT stop Aspirin


The entire test takes less than an hour but your hospital stay will be for 6 hours or overnight. There may be minor discomfort during the test and some bruising afterwards.